Meet The Team

Mirabella takes the time to get to know you by discussing your needs, your plans and your vision. We ask questions, offer ideas you many not have considered, and we always consider how a new design will fit into the neighborhood. Our team of talented professionals will treat your household and neighbors with the utmost respect during the project. Get to know the talented craftspeople and artisans that work at Mirabella and who will be working on your dream home.

Shanon Chilson, the founder and President of Mirabella Design Build began working in the Construction field when he was in High School. He witnessed the way people were taken advantage of, the ways contractors cut corner’s to save a buck and he promised him self one day he would treat people right.

After Shanon graduated from High School he was determined to start his own business and he was determined to treat his customers better. He even created a code of conduct for himself and his company.

It’s called the “Mirabella Difference”. The Mirabella Difference is built on four rock solid principles:

  • Treating people with respect, delivering what we promise on time.
  • Letting people know what they can expect.
  • Doing the best possible job regardless of the size.
  • Zero downtime.

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